Taubenloch gorge


Biel: Lake Biel

Biel: Lake Biel

Taubenlochschlucht (Dovecote Gorge) is one of the most popular hikes in the region. Whether this is because of the romantic surroundings, the pleasant coolness along the way or the fact that it is an easy enough hike for families also to explore the gorge, one thing is certain: The walk from Biel to Frinvillier through the mysterious Taubenlochschlucht remains a magical experience.

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Walter, a young miller of Bözingen, was in love with a young lady from the village of Flüglistal. The young lady was stunningly beautiful and known to all as “little dove”. At that time, the castle of Rondchâtel was the stronghold of the crooked knight Ingelram. On the day of the marriage, he attacked the wedding procession upstream of the gorge. He killed the fiancé and attempted to kidnap the bride. So as not to fall into the hands of the knight, the young lady threw herself into the chasm and disappeared there, gliding like a white dove. A short time later, the castle of Rondchâtel was captured and destroyed, and the knight Ingelram was killed. In spring, lovers are said to hear the plaintive cries of the beautiful young lady in the gorge.

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