Path of Marvels


This trail in the Malcantone region is suitable for families. It is 7 km long and can be completed comfortably in 4 - 6 hours.

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The main focus is on old buildings and man-made works in general. Starting and end point of the hiking loop is Novaggio. Thirteen markers provide information on a plethora of sights such as:
- the dry-stone walls, which were originally built to denote boundaries and are now redundant
- the Vinèra mill, the traces of the gold and silver mines, which provided employment for a considerable number of people until just before the end of the 19th century
- the terraced fields which were mainly used to grow rye
- the remains of the Miglieglia castle, the Aranno forge, the La Monda mine (Aranno), which mainly contained zinc and sulfur
- the Aranno mills, where locally grown grain and chestnuts were ground
- the Ponte Aranno mine (Novaggio) and the kiln, where tiles and bricks were produced in the past

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