Jura Foot Line

Basel - Geneva

These towns make Switzerland tick: The Jura Foot Line links not only two of Switzerland’s largest cities but also the German and French-speaking parts of the country. And in between – lovely lakeland and the hills of the gentle Jura.

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The train trip from Basel to Geneva may not enjoy international renown as one of Switzerland’s great classic rail journeys. But between the River Rhine and Lake Geneva lies a lovely landscape with more than its share of natural beauty. The Jura Foot Line takes the traveller along the southern rim of the Jura mountain range to the attractive towns of Morges, Yverdon-les-Bains and Neuchâtel, strung like sparkling pearls along this attractive route. Cosy taverns invite you to linger longer and enjoy the local culinary delights. On hillsides you will see herds of Freibergers, the only Swiss breed of horses. A scenic highlight is the landscape around the three lakes of Biel, Murten and Neuchâtel. And of particular interest to admirers of Swiss watches – Biel, Le Locle, La Chaux-de-Fonds and Geneva are the country’s most important watchmaking centres.


Basel-Geneva (travel time 2.40 h without changing trains)



The Tinguely Museum houses a permanent exhibition of the works of Jean Tinguely (1925-1991), the Swiss artist particularly famous for his machine sculptures. The museum opened in 1996 and was designed by Ticinese architect Mario Botta.

Neuchâtel and region

Verdant vineyards, attractive tiny towns, marshland – these are just a few of the scenic sights which await passengers on the four-hour cruise on the lakes of Biel, Murten and Neuchâtel. The three waterways along the southern foot of the Jura hill range are inter-connected by canals. Picturesque St. Peter’s Island on Lake Biel is popular with sightseers.

La Chaux-de-Fonds – at 1000 metres one of the highest-altitude towns in Europe – gained fame and fortune as an important birthplace of the Swiss watchmaking industry. The town achieved UNESCO World Heritage status in 2009 as an outstanding example of rational and ordered planning, with homes and watchmaking workshops situated side by side.


On Lake Geneva you can travel by seagull. That’s the English word for “Mouette”, in French also the name of the small yellow taxi-boats.

Dining & Wining

Restaurant (between Basel and Geneva)


Connections without changing trains:
Departs Basel 07.03 (arrives Geneva 09.43) and every two hours until 19.03 (arrives Geneva 21.46)

Departs Geneva 07.14 (arrives Basel 09.53) departs 09.18 (arrives Basel 11.53) and every two hours until 19.18 (arrives Basel 21.53) with final journey 21.14 (arrives Basel 23.53)

All connections on www.sbb.ch


Seat reservations possible in 1st and 2nd class (CHF 5.00 per person)


Did you know?

  • Basel Zoo, founded in 1874, is Switzerland’s oldest and largest zoo and renowned for its many breeding successes. It is affectionately known to the people of Basel as “Zolli”.
  • The River Aare cruise between Solothurn and Biel is one of the most scenic in Switzerland. The region is renowned for its wildlife and natural beauty.

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