Kamera Richtung

Kamera Richtung "Schächentaler Windgällen"

Verkehrsverein Urnerboden Seilbahn Fisetengrat

Verkehrsverein Urnerboden Seilbahn Fisetengrat

Kamera Richtung

Kamera Richtung "Höchturm" und "Ortstock"

Urnerboden is Switzerland’s largest alp, and many consider it to be the most beautiful one. In any case, the wide high plateau is a paradise for nature lovers who can explore the magnificent routes on brisk hikes or leisurely walks

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A church, a village store, a handful of houses. Surrounded by nothing but lush greenery and pinnacles pointing to heaven. Only 40 people live in the picturebook scenery of Urnerboden. But over 1,000 dairy cows and about 700 heads of cattle spend the short summer months here every year.

Visitors enjoy the local inn’s home-cooked meals and cozy beds, and adventure-filled days in pristine nature: walking along the murmuring Fätschbäch stream, climbing the steep rock faces or riding the cable car to the 2,000-meter-high Fisetengrat, where a hiking paradise with spectacular views and rustic mountain huts await them. If they want something original, they can ride over the Klausen Pass in a stagecoach – or try their hand at riding a dredger.

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