Alp Glivers

The magnificent natural treasures of Surselva are more than a feast for the eyes: In the Sumvitg community, eight mountain farming families offer their guests a holiday paradise that gives them deep insights.

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���Moviment��� is the Rhaeto-Romanic word for movement. The eight farming families from Sumvitg, who united in 2005 under the brand name Amarenda have a goal: They want to move things and sensitize people to natural agriculture and the characteristics of their environment. ���Moving��� is also the multifaceted holiday adventure world, which they created. The guests can watch or participate in the daily work ��� in haymaking, baking bread, feeding the animals or driving them to the pasture. The guests can sleep in the Maiens��ss (mountain cabins used in summer), walk with llamas in the mountain world, or discover Alp Glivers in mid-summer.

In addition, you will learn about the work and passion associated with the ecological products of this border region. Be amazed by the delicacies based on natural products: pear bread, savory Alpine cheese, Enzianschnaps (Gentian brandy) or chamomile skin cream.

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