Alpe Rotingen - Where the cattle battles

The largest herd of Eringer cattle in Upper Valais grazes every summer in the magnificent mountain world of Alpe Rotingen. Traveling there is an idyllic nature experience, and it is also a spectacle when the battling cows determine their hierarchy.

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They are small, brawny and have strong horns. But their dark red or black cowhide and fighting spirit give them a majestic appearance when they meet for battle on the bright green Alpine meadows: Eringer cows are born fighters – and usually don’t get injured. This is how they determine the hierarchy in the herd – and the dominant cow.

In the summer, great fighting cows graze on Alp Rotingen in Upper Valais. Because the 105 cows are not milked they are especially strong. If you want to see this spectacle against the backdrop of the Turtmann Valley’s romantic wilderness, you don’t have to forego culinary delights: The fresh trout in Restaurant Trächu is famous far beyond the valley, and the people in the woodclad dining room are always in high spirits.

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