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Baden Altstadt

Baden Altstadt

These two tours on the history of Baden take you on a journey back through time and offer an insight into the culture and development of this former southern capital of the Swiss Confederation. The highlight of the tour is the Tagsatzungssaal (Diet Hall).

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The "city walk through 2,000 years of history" tour takes you through the Badstrasse and the upper Old Town. You will learn about the Aquae Helveticae, medieval bathing, which was shaped by the House of Kyburg and Habsburg, and about the modern era. The golden age of the Tagsatzungen (meetings of the Diet) tour takes you for a walk near the city church and the Diet Hall while you learn about the formation, meaning and purpose of the hall. Learn, for example, how the presence of the federal parliament and the many delegates from all countries of Europe affected the city.

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