Steamship Lötschberg, Lake Brienz

Lake Brienz

Recognized "for the careful restoration of the elegant steamship in accordance with principles governing protected monuments".

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The steamship Lötschberg was built by Escher Wyss & Cie in 1914 for use on Lake Brienz. While constructing the ship, emphasis was placed on simplicity and cost-effective design, for the ship was intended primarily for tourism, for workers as well as the transportation of animals and goods.

The steamer was taken out of service during the war, but continually maintained. In 1968 the Lötschberg steamship was converted from coal to oil. In the year 2000, the parlor-steamer was completely renovated after 540,000 kilometers of running on Lake Brienz. The steam generator drove the decision for a total renovation since it had to be replaced.

No expense was spared to restore and refurbish the ship down to the smallest detail in accordance with the principles of monument preservation. The Parlor, for example, was renovated true to style, including the restoration of the woodwork. It was furnished with the appropriate lighting, and the entrance to the Parlor was restored to its original condition. The upper deck in the back was glass-covered, making a view into the distance possible, visually reminiscent of the open and airy upper deck. The former pilot cabin was reconstructed, the main mast was returned to its original position, the second wheel was restored as a decorative touch and the poles for the sun tent on the upper front deck were rebuilt. Today the flagship of the Lake Brienz Fleet shows once again its original green and white colors. The steamship has lost nothing of its simplicity in contrast to other steamers of its era. Since its second maiden voyage it runs on a fixed schedule and delights passengers of all age groups.

Operating Season: From June to September between Interlaken East and Brienz as per schedule

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