Belalp: hohbiel

Belalp: hohbiel

Belalp: Blatten - Brig

Belalp: Blatten - Brig

A highly-colourful region, artistically draped between the valley with its bountiful harvests of fruit and the mountains capped with eternal snow. The deep attachment of the local people to their customs and traditions has a magical influence on the entire region around the Aletsch Glacier.

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The cultural trail that winds in and out of the narrow streets in the historic quarter of Naters; the hamlet of Blatten which offers tennis, minigolf and a children's playground; the famous path used by the witches on the Belalp Plateau, are just some of the attractions that give the Naters-Blatten-Belalp region its special charm. You may fall under its spell!

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