Le Pas de Chavanette – The Swiss Wall


Les Crosets: Les Mossettes

Les Crosets: Les Mossettes

Les Crosets: Le mur de Chavanette - Portes du Soleil

Les Crosets: Le mur de Chavanette - Portes du Soleil

Champéry: Dents-du-Midi

Champéry: Dents-du-Midi

There is limitless skiing fun to be had in the Portes du Soleil with over 600 km of pistes, some of which are in the Lower Valais, a part of France. One of the world’s most difficult and fascinating pistes is the "le mur suisse" (Swiss Wall).

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The Portes du Soleil has many wonderfully broad, relatively easy-to-navigate slopes. However, Europe’s largest winter sports area also has another face, such as the eastern slope of the Pas de Chavanette. There, a superlative mogul piste has been created that the French have respectfully called "le mur suisse". Because it is extremely steep (76 degree slope) and has, after new snow falls, moguls of up to 2m high, this treacherous "wall" is only suitable for very experienced skiers.


Starting point: Pas de Chavanette (2151 m a.s.l.)

Accessibility of starting point: chairlift

Destination: Les Pas (1820 m a.s.l.)

Length: 1.3 km

Gradient: 331 Meter

Level of difficulty: difficult (mogul slope)

Food and beverages: at the start

Skiing outside of prepared pistes: Reminder on use and liability.

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