Omega Museum


Omega Museum

Omega Museum

Biel: Lake Biel

Biel: Lake Biel

The Omega Museum in Biel is located directly opposite the headquarters of the corporation. The history of the world famous watch brand, which you get to know in the museum, is as illustrious as the surroundings in the industrial area are nondescript.

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Long before George Clooney or Nicole Kidman featured in advertisements for Omega watches, the watches manufactured by the legendary Biel company were the loyal companions of famous people: queens, secret agents, politicians, sportsmen and pilots wore them. Albert Einstein owned a pocket watch and John F. Kennedy sported an Omega watch on his wrist when he was sworn into office. The Speedmaster design landed on the moon along with the astronauts. And the exceedingly precise Swiss chronometers helped the indestructible movie hero James Bond save the world a total of seven times.

Walking through the Omega Museum, you will encounter dazzling figures and immerse yourself in memorable moments in the history of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. The collection not only includes 4,000 watches but also clockworks, tools, photos, and placards as well the workbench where it all began over 160 years ago.

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