Tamina Gorge and Old Bad Pfäfers

Bad Ragaz

Pizol Furt

Pizol Furt

Aérodrome dir. Sud-Est

Aérodrome dir. Sud-Est

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Aérodrome dir Nord-Ouest

A narrow gorge, only penetrated by a few rays of sunshine at mid-day, a grotto where health seekers bathed, and arguably the most famous natural scientist as first spa physician - this is Bad Pfäfers. Today the Tamina Gorge (approx. 15 minutes from Bad Ragaz) is accessible in a more comfortable way than in the ancient past.

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Discovered accidentally in 1240, the salubrious effects of Pfäfers' mineral springs were recognized early on. The famous natural scientist, physician and philosopher Paracelsus, who is regarded as the first spa physician of Bad Pfäfers, worked there in 1535 and wrote an entire book on the therapeutic effects of the water, which has a temperature of 36.5 degrees Celsius. The old Bad Pfäfers was extensively renovated between 1983 and 1995.

For visitors interested in history there is a Monastery- and Spa-Museum with changing exhibits. Only a few meters from the old Bad Pfäfers is the narrow Tamina Gorge with 70-meter-high rock faces. The gorge is easily accessible nowadays. A tunnel safeguards the path through the interior of the rock. It leads past a small thermal spring and up to the grotto fed by the thermal waters. The whole area is now listed in the federal inventory of natural landscapes, sites and monuments of national importance (BLN).


By car: travel to Bad Ragaz, then continue on foot or by PostBus to old Bad Pfäfers, where the entrance is located.

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