The Red Church (Chiesa Rossa) in Castel San Pietro


Stabio: ROTOFIL fabrics SA

Stabio: ROTOFIL fabrics SA

Melano: Monte Generoso

Melano: Monte Generoso

The name "Red Church" is attributed to the facade in the front, which differs from the rest of the edifice.

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The particular color of the church facade harkens back to an order of 1599 by the Bishop of Como. This rule was also applied to other churches in the Ticino region. On Christmas Eve of the year 1390, the church became the site of military strife between the Guelphs and the Gibellines. In this fight between the Rusca and the Busioni families about one hundred persons were killed. Among them the priest who conducted the Mass. In the interior of the church, which is a place of worshipto this day, one can admire artistic testimonies to that time. The frescoes at the walls from the 14th century are almost intact and particularly valuable. Very interesting is the bas relief of Bonifacio, Biship of Como, who founded the church in the year 1343. The bas relief dates back to the 14th century and is particularly precious because on its back a protective wall from the Carolingian era (approx. 9th Century) was discovered.

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