Läderach Chocolate Adventures


The path to high quality chocolate begins in the jungle and ends with us enjoying the product melting in our mouths. But how are the sweet works of art from Läderach created from the bitter cocoa bean?

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The Schoggi Chocolate Experience Tour gives one interesting insights into the world of finest Läderach chocolate. Discover where our chocolate beans come from and how our chocolate is created in Bilten. The tour starts in the Rain Forest and ends at the Culinary Path, where you can taste a variety of Läderach specialties and see how these specialties are handmade in the factory in Ennenda.

Schoggi-AdventureWalking tour without a guide
Guided walking tour
DurationApprox, 30 minutesApprox, 1 hour
LanguageInfo in German and EnglishGerman, upn reques English
Registration and Dates
Up to 10 persons without registration 10 or more persons upon request. Phone: +4155 645 77 80Group with less than 10 persons: dates according to Registration Tool.
Groups of 10 or more persons: Dates upon equest / Phone: +4155 645 77 80
Group Size
Max. 60 personsPer grout with guide max. 30 persons, several parallel groups are possible
What to expect
Independent discovery and exploration during the tour, view of the production halls of the factory, several tastings.Tour with explanation of the cocoa bean including the complete chocolate creation. Schoggikreation, view of the production halls of the factory, several tastings., Läderach company history and values, questions and answers.

Entrance Fee                                   To be paid at the cash register of the Schoggi Adventure (Bar, EC-/Credit Card)
Adults                                           10 CHF (including CHF 5 coupon)    15 CHF (including CHF 5 coupon)
Children 8-16 years7.50 CHF (including CHF 5 coupon)10 CHF (including CHF 5 coupon)
Children up to the age of 7Free (without coupon)
Group discountEvery 10th person has free admission                           

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