Hotel Niesen Kulm: Sweet Dreams


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Piste nord

Piste nord

Frutigen Metschalp

Frutigen Metschalp

Standing on the 2340-meter-high Niesen, one has one disadvantage but countless advantages. The disadvantage: the perfect pyramide of the pre-Alpine mountain, which rises as an equilateral triangle above Lake Thun, remains hidden.

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The advantages: The vistas opening up to all sides are incredible. On top of that, one is well-served staying at the newly reconstructed Hotel Niesen Kulm with its cozy and nostalgic rooms, the excellent Swiss cuisine and the eclectic wines from the cellars under the rocks. This is really all you need for a wonderfully peaceful and quiet night on a lonely mountain peak, where no slamming car doors or noise party-goers can disturb your sleep. Rise and shine well rested the next morning and begin the new day with a delicious breakfast buffet. On the Niesen, were in former times princes and poets and the patrician citizens of Bern were pampered, you are sure to forget the cares of the world.

How to get there:
Drive or take public transportation from Spiez to Mülenen. There, take the funicular to Hotel Berghaus Niesen Kulm.

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