Luthern Bad - Mountain Lodge Napf, 1408m

Emmental / Luzerner Hinterland / Entlebuch

Once, when the real Alps were considered too high to climb, the 1410-meter-high Napf, located between Mittelland, Entlebuch and Emmental, was the ultimate in height that natural scientists deemed acceptable.

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They observed Alpine nature from here and it was from here that the first Swiss Alpine panoramas were drawn. But the simple Mountain Lodge Napf has retained all of its charm from when it opened in 1801.
Indeed, it nearly has cult-status among hikers who come to it from all cardinal points. Despite it not being a very high vantage point, these hikers know that they will have a view onto the Vosges, the Black Forest, the Säntis, the Glarus and Central Switzerland Alps, and all the way to the Bernese Oberland. But they not only enjoy the phenomenal vistas, they also come her to enjoy the gigantic meringues served with freshly whipped cream. Others come to observe the dusks and dawns which dip the scenery in intense colors. What a treat.


How to get there:
There is neither a train nor road leading to the Napf. The shortest route is to go by Swiss Post Bus or private car to Mettlenalp via Trubschachen in the Emmental. From Mettlenalp hike for about 3/4 hrs. OR go by Swiss Post Bus or private car to Hinter Ei/Luthernbad, a 1-hour hike.

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