Handicapped passengers

Wheelchair, walking-impaired, sight-impaired and mentally-handicapped passengers are in safe and caring hands at Swiss railway stations. Specialized services and assistance are available.

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A phone call to the SBB Call Center Handicap at the number provided below one hour before the train is due to leave is all that is needed for a customer with impaired mobility to receive help getting on or off a train at any of the 170 suitably equipped stations on the Swiss rail network.

In Switzerland: 0800 007 102 (toll-free number)
Abroad +41 51 225 78 44 (subject to a charge)

Advance notice of three working days is required for international travel and 24 hours for reservations by e-mail. Assistance is available free of charge to wheelchair users, passengers with impaired mobility, the blind and visually impaired and the mentally handicapped.

Further information
COMPAGNA - Reisebegleitung
For passengers in need of help at train stations, there is a volunteer service called Compagna located at major train stations. This service will pick up persons on train platforms and bring them to taxis and will even accompany passengers if necessary. The service is fairly priced.

COMPAGNA - Reisebegleitung
Eschenstrasse 1
9000 St. Gallen
Tel. +41 71 220 16 07
Fax +41 71 220 16 09
e-mail: info@compagna-reisebegleitung.ch

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