Hergiswil near Willisau

The team initiating this game beats the Hornuss, called "Nouss" (“Nut”) with sticks as far as possible into the opponents’ field. With a “shingle” attached to a long stick, held upright or thrown high, the opposing team has to stop the Nouss (arriving at a speed of 150km/h) as soon as possible, and at the latest before it hits the ground.

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1/2 day

10 - 50



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Hornussen is one of Switzerland’s quirkier national sports. Popular among devotees since the 19th century, especially in the Mittelland region, it remains a mystery even to many Swiss. The game involves two teams and a little black object called the Hornuss (“hornet”) weighing just 78 grams. Members of one team take turns to strike the Hornuss into the field. Each member of the opposing team is equipped with a “Schindel”, shaped like an oversized baker’s bread-shovel. As the Hornuss buzzes through the air at high speed, the fielders attempt to intercept it with a well-aimed throw of the Schindel. You can have a go at the intriguing game yourself in Hergiswil bei Willisau, where novices are also welcome.


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