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Bellevue | Altstadt, ZH



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The Bürkliplatz square lies at the western side of the river Limmat and is connected to the Bellevue square via the Quaibrücke bridge. It was named after the city engineer Arnold Bürkli, and as the largest haven of the city, it is one of Zurich's major traffic junctions. The square was built in 1887 when the Quaibrücke was finished. Part of Bürkliplatz is a vehicle-free zone and is situated in front of the Swiss National Bank building. Cultural events take place around the Musikpavillon time and again. Bürkliplatz is used as marketplace several times a week. The Lindenhof and the Rathaus quarter form the oldest part of the city of Zurich. This hilly area at the left side of the Limmat served as a location for a Roman fort even in the city's early historic development. The Schanzengraben was the outer water ditch of the third battlement of Zurich as of 1643 and today is a popular nature oasis at the outskirts of the quarters of City and Enge. Characteristic buildings of the old town of Zurich are the Grossmünster cathedral, the Fraumünster cathedral, St. Peter's church and the Predigerkirche church.