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Lake Zurich empties via the river Limmat at its northern tip. The Limmat is a tributary river of the Aar. Its original names used to be Lindemagus and Aa. The name derives from the two rivers Linth and Maag, which used to converge near Niederurnen before the taming of the Linth. The Limmat belongs to the 140-km-long Linth|Limmat river system. It runs along Limmatquai, through the Limmattal valley, and in the Wasserschloss region near Brugg (canton of Aargau) it empties into the Aar. Due to weirs and power plants, the Limmat can no longer be travelled by boat continuously today. In the canton of Zurich, it runs through the following municipalities: Zurich, Oberengstringen, Unterengstringen, Schlieren, Dietikon, Weiningen, Geroldswil, Oetwil an der Limmat. Tributary rivers of the Limmat are the Sihl and the Reppisch. The Limmat forms the border between the two quarters of Altstetten and Höngg. Altstellen lies in the west of the city of Zurich and belongs to district 9, along with Albisrieden. Findings indicate that it was populated in pre-Christian times already. With about 28,000 inhabitants, Altstetten is now the most heavily populated district of the city. The traditional rural charm made way for modern high-rises: Altstetten train station (1966), Obsidian high-rise (2005) and IBM high-rise (2005). The Migros high-rise Herdern has a height of 52 m, comprises 17 floors and was finished in 1970.