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Celebration of Saint Nicholas in Fribourg



by Union fribourgeoise du Tourisme, Fribourg (CH)
Uploaded on 20.11.13

Recorded in Fribourg
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In Fribourg, the celebration of Saint Nicholas is firmly rooted in tradition. During the afternoon, St. Nicholas is riding through the streets on a donkey and waving to the crowd; his accompanying bogeymen hand out sweets to the children. At the end of his route, the saint holds a speech by highlighting the critical incidents of the past year. There is often a market where traditional pastries and crafts are sold. Saint Nicholas was the fourth Century Bishop of Myra (Turkey) and was distinguished by his charity. He is considered to be the patron of sailors and children as well as one of the most popular saints in the Orient and Occident. Furthermore, he is the patron of the city and the canton of Fribourg.