GLATI - Artigianato del Ticino


GLATI was founded in the year of 2000 to make accountable the Associations of artisans of the region and their sector, especially concerning the promotion and information according to the Cantonal Law on craft industry of the 18th March 1986 as well as the respect of the convention on the brand "artigia-nato del Ticino" of December 2nd in 1991.

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It manages with common issues in the field of promotion and information. It has the function of consulting body to the Department in the enforcement of the Law on craft industry and decides of the admission or expulsion of members. It deals with cantonal subscriptions for the promotion of craft industry, in particular with those concerning the organization of exhibitions, events and other initiatives. It gives an account of the use of the public funds to the Department according to the Law on craft industry.

Its members are:
  • Il Dipartimento delle Finanze e dell'Economia pubblica
  • L'Associazione Pro Verzasca
  • L'Associazione del Cotto ticinese
  • L'Associazione artigiani di Vallemaggia
  • L'Associazione artigiani bleniesi

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