Durnand Gorge Adventure


Martigny vue sur le catogne

Martigny vue sur le catogne

Place Centrale de Martigny

Place Centrale de Martigny

The contrast between the Durnand Gorge and the southern town of Martigny could not be greater.

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The hiking trail begins in this former Roman settlement, continues to the market village of Bourg, then follows the train line to Le Borgeaud. Here the Durnand river joins the Dranse, and the road to Champex veers off the route leading to the Great St. Bernard Pass. A bridge crosses the Dranse and soon you arive at the entrance to the Durnand Gorge, made accessible thanks to a network of tunnels, staircases, and galleries. The cliffs have a slightly menacing air as they rise steeply on each side of the Durnand. The water rushes down 14 different levels until it hits the bottom of the valley, causing a thunderous noise. At this point, all you can see is a mere strip of blue sky: the hanging bridges crossing this magnificent natural spectacle seem fragile.

How to get there:
Drive or take public transport from Martigny to the entrance of the Durnand Gorge.

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