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Burial chapel of Brother Klaus

Kirche, Kapelle, Kloster

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Burial chapel of Brother Klaus
Brother Klaus, also known as Saint Nicholas of Flüe (1417-1487), is the patron saint of Switzerland. He lived and worked in Flüeli-Ranft, and he's buried at the parish church in Sachseln.

Every year, more than 100,000 pilgrims visit his grave.

The burial chapel in Sachseln's old church tower was built in stages between 1600 and 1878. It stands at the location of Brother Klaus' first grave, which was in the aisle of the old medieval church. Todays's church stands perpendicular to the previous one. Inside, you can see two tomb slabs. One dates back to 1518 and features a sharp likeness of the saint carved in sandstone. The second is the 1487 version, which is quite worn down.

Dating back to the middle of the 14th century, the Gothic crucifix is especially valuable. The votive pictures and silver mementos bear witness to the devoutness of the people and their pilgrimages to Brother Klaus' grave.

Parish and pilgrimage church
The church was first mentioned in 1234, and it was enlarged in 1459. The lowest part of the free-standing tower dates back to this time. After the beatification of Brother Klaus and the ensuing flow of pilgrims, the current church was built between 1672 and 1684. It has housed the tomb of Brother Klaus since 1679. The church was completely restored between 1974 and 1976.


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