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St-Barthélémy Chapel

Public building

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On the banks of the lake at Cleuson at nearly 2,200 metres, this is the highest standing chapel in the commune. It overlooks the Valley of Nendaz and the panoramic view extends as far as the chain of the Bernese Alps. This is the oldest chapel in Nendaz. Whist the exact date of construction is unknown, a document dating back to 1447, signed by the Bishop of Sion, states that 40 days of indulgence will be granted to every person who collects for the charity of the chapel. Others guess that that the building dates back further than this. Before the construction of the dam, it was situated in the small valley of Cleuson on the right bank and slightly upstream. Of wood construction, it was rebuilt on various occasions, the last time being in 1888. In 1958, the dam workers constructed a new stone chapel in its place.




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