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The longest fixed-rope climbing route in Switzerland, Summer 13

Via Ferrata

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The longest fixed-rope climbing route in Switzerland, Summer 13
Switzerland’s longest via ferrata is situated in Leukerbad. A via ferrata is a mountain route equipped with fixed cables and ladders wherever necessary. Veteran hill climbers with a good head for heights can enjoy an experience somewhere between mountain hiking and all-out mountaineering.

216 metres of ladders and over 2,000 metres of steel cable have been installed in the rock face of the mighty Dauberhorn which towers steeply above Leukerbad. The highly impressive via ferrata offers the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the unique panorama of the Valais Alps. Unique, too, is the approx. 100 metres long natural cave traversed on the way.


In winter, avalanches thunder down from this point to the valley. Situated on the upper part of the route, the ‘Via Konst’ offers the undaunted a chance to succumb completely to the high altitude delights of the Daubenhorn. Having said that, please note it’s only recommended for those with a good head for heights! This windy, winding route was named after one of its discoverers. But there’s a way around it.
After 8 hours or so of climbing a good 1,000 metres you finally arrive at the Daubenhorn summit (2,941 metres above sea level). For those unwilling (or not quite able!) to go the whole way there’s also an opportunity to go back down to Leukerbad about 1/3 of the way into the tour.
Switzerland’s longest via ferrata is ready to welcome courageous nature and sports enthusiasts, and offers those who go on it a truly extraordinary experience.
Detailed map of the via ferrata Gemmi-Daubenhorn



Opening hours:
beginning of July - first friday in October
For excact information please contact Leukerbad Tourism:
+41 27 472 71 71

Climbing equipment:

  • Climbing and trekking boots, raingear
  • Helmet, harness and carabiner
Available from various sport shops:, Tel. +41 (0)27 470 14 72, Tel. +41 (0)27 470 13 46

Here you get to the Gemmi adventure via ferrata.
Here you find the Summer Report at the Gemmi.

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