Switzerland - champion in sustainability!

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It is well known, that the Swiss are particularly sustainable: A consistent recycling, rigid exhaust emissions standards, good waste management, carefully controlled landscape planning and strict conditions for construction projects is just part of our every day life.
Below you will find more examples of our daily effort for a respected environment and a sustainable future. Also, numerous environmentally conscious activities are possible in Switzerland (e.g. assisting with landscape projects, Segway and E-Bike tours etc.)

Ranked in the top 20 in the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), Columbia & Yale Universities The universities regularly evaluate the environment, air pollution, water quality, biodiversity, management of natural resources and climate change in respect of each country.

Mercer Study The Mercer International study on quality of life in cities: This analysis and evaluation of 221 cities worldwide on the basis of 39 factors (ranging from politics and the economy to the environment) put 3 Swiss cities among the top 15: Zürich, Geneva, Bern.

Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report Studies on sustainable tourism show that this is widespread in Switzerland. This opinion is shared by the Global Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report. Here, Switzerland ranks under the top 10 out of the 140 countries evaluated.

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