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Flughafen Zürich-Kloten 1|3



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International Zurich Airport (ZRH) is the largest airport in Switzerland. It is located about 13 km north of Zurich's city center. The airport extends across the municipal areas of Kloten, Opfikon, Rümlang, Oberglatt and Winkel. It was opened in 1948 and now comprises an area of 880 hectares. The airport handles about 23 million passengers annually, and more than 270,000 flight operations take place per year. Currently, 174 destinations in 65 countries can be reached directly from Zurich Airport. These are offered by 67 airlines. The airport itself is also a popular leisure destination. The stationary and well-equipped vantage points around the airport grounds are perfect rest areas. Departures and arrivals of large and small airplanes can be easily observed from here. The region around Zurich Airport and the Zürcher Unterland with the Glatttal valley are popular among skaters.