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The municipality of Arth consists of the villages of Arth, Oberarth, Goldau and a few settlements at the eastern flank of the Rigi (Rigi-Klösterli). Arth (421 m above sea level) is situated directly at Lake Zug and is a perfect starting point for a boat trip or a trip to the Rigi (1,798 m above sea level), the «Queen of the Mountains». The Rigi is surrounded by Lake Lucerne, Lake Zug and Lake Lauerz. It boasts an Alpine panorama with an impressive view of the Alpine foothills, 13 lakes and across the Swiss Plateau to Germany (Lake Constance) and France. An even panorama hiking trail leads from Rigi-Kaltbad to Rigi-Scheidegg. The sunrises on the Rigi-Kulm are legendary. The Arth-Goldau train station in Goldau is an important traffic junction of the north-south (Gotthardlinie) and east-west (Südostbahn) axes. The close-by Goldau zoo, which was opened in 1925, is a popular leisure destination. It is home of almost 100 native and European wild animal species. Its exceptional wild scenery is the result of a huge landslide. In 1806, about 40 million m3 of rock crashed down within two minutes and buried the village of Goldau with 457 inhabitants. A landslide museum and a thematic hiking trail («Bergsturzspur») are reminiscent of the biggest natural disaster in Switzerland. The region around Arth-Goldau is a cherry tree region, and the cherry distilleries are well worth a visit.