18 DÉC.
-12 MARS

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Night sledging fans gather together for a special joy. On a 3 km sledge run from the Niederhorn to Vorsass you pass by nightly winter landscape and if lucky beneath a star spangled sky.
You have the choice between two offers:
Starlit sledging PLUS
The evening starts with a delicious fondue at the Berghaus Niederhorn and continues with an exciting sledge ride to the middle station Vorsass. As a crowning end the Bergrestaurant Vorsass serves you a hot punch or a mulled wine before you return comfortably by cable car to Beatenberg and Beatenbucht.
Starlit sledging
On the approx. 40 minutes ride, sledging fans have the possibility of doing unlimited downhill runs to the middle station Vorsass. All evening, the cable car from Vorsass to the Niederhorn runs every quarter of an hour, last ascent 21.45.


Lieux événementiels

3803 Beatenberg

Prix CHF

CHF 35.— till CHF 59.—

Heures d'ouvertures

Every Friday and Saturday evening from 18th December 2015 - 12th March 2016

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