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2014 the Rhaetian Railway celebrates its 100-year anniversary of the train Chur-Arosa. Within one hour tourists and locals travel from Chur to the holiday resort on 1793m above sea level. The RhB celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the 26km railway tracks with a festive weekend in December in Arosa.
1000 metres of altitude in one hour
Like a tram, the Arosa train crosses the city of Chur, before it rides up-hill on the right sides of the valley above the Plessur river towards Langwies. Several tunnels and bridges allow the ascent on 1793m above sea level. It takes one hour for 1000m of altitude and 26km of distance. In Langwies, travelers have a great view on the biggest monument of the Arosa train, the 287m long and 62m high viaduct of Langwies: at the time of its construction it was the most significant building in Switzerland and still is today. On the last part the tracks lead through fir and larch woods, passes a tunnel and finishes at the train station in Arosa at the north side of the Obersee lake.
More info under www.rhb.ch.


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