Omega Museum

The Omega Museum in Biel is located directly opposite the headquarters of the corporation. The history of the world famous watch brand, which you get to know in the museum, is as illustrious as the surroundings in the industrial area are nondescript.

Biel Strandboden

Lakeside promenade with several large lawns for playing and relaxation. On sunny days city dwellers flock here to escape from the humdrum of everyday life, with families enjoying the laid-back ambience. Rent a pedal boat and go for a spin on the lake or enjoy a coffee or an ice cream at the Parc-Café.

The Strandboden area is located right by Lake Biel. This is where the locals take time out from their busy lives and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

St. Peter's Island

St. Petersinsel (St. Peter's Isle) was a modest estate with leased vineyard allotments when it gained widespread importance in Europe in the 18th century through J-J Rousseau's descriptions of the island. It then became a stopover on educational journeys through Switzerland before turning into a favourite destination for daytrips, offering the visitor an opportunity to appreciate nature and enjoy a sense of peacefulness.

Even the ancient inhabitants of pile-dwellings chose Erlach on Lake Biel and St. Peter's Island as their abodes. The Romans too left traces. Bishops and members of the nobility ruled from here in the Middle Ages. Today both are popular destinations for nature lovers and visitors seeking rest and relaxation.


Sports, play and fun define bicycle riding on former railroad tracks.

The nostalgic expedition starts in Laupen near the train station and leads on the former railroad route up to the turning point near the Gümmenen Train Station.