Adventure Paths to the Vineyards of Lake Biel

Adventure Paths to the Vineyards of Lake Biel

Various wine hiking trails wind around beautiful Lake Biel. Hikers are offered wine tasting at scenic spots overlooking the lake.

Art/Architecture: Château de la Bâtiaz Tavern

The Château de la Bâtiaz was built in 1260 and is the only remaining witness to the medieval era. It was an object of envy, and passed from the House of Savoie to the Sion bishops (and vice versa) many times. Dishes influenced by medieval flavours are served during the summer season.

Everything to do with wine

At 205 acres, the largest vineyard on Lake Biel. In La Neuveville, a popular thing to do is to hire a wine cellar for a party. If you wish, the winemakers are present to tell your guests more about the wines of this region (Chasselas, Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Pinot gris, Pinot blanc). The Wine Festival always takes place on the second weekend in September, where countless visitors taste the wines of the region.