Glacier Wine - The “Sherry“ of Valais

Glacier Wine - The “Sherry“ of Valais

Glacier wine has originated in the Val d´Anniviers, a valley south of Sierre/Siders. The traditional blending method consisted in earlier times of 90% Rèze wine and 10% Humagne Blanc, Ermitage, Petite Arvine and Malvoisie.

Augstbord cheese-makers – demonstration dairy

180 tonnes of raclette cheese are produced every year at the modern demonstration dairy in Turtmann. The milk comes from cows from the surrounding area. You can watch from a platform on the first floor to see how this is then turned into cheese – the master cheese-maker allows you to peep into the "Chessi" from there. If you book in advance, you can enjoy a raclette meal at the dairy.

L’Espace Chocolat, Confiserie Moret

From simple chocolate bars to the most sophisticated and astonishing creations.