Wirtschaft zum Wiesengrund

Guests soon turn into regulars at this fabulous restaurant, where Hans-Peter Hussong consistently amazes and inspires with his new culinary creations. 2 Michelin stars, 18 GaultMillau points.

Bouchons vaudois: bite-sized

Only a handful of confectioners are permitted to produce these cork-shaped sponge delicacies. Their filling comes as a surprise: the finest almond praline mass. Their name is a wordplay that refers both to their form, in the shape of a cork (French: "bouchon"), as well as to the French word for mouth ("bouche").

Bouchons vaudois: bite-sized

Bergbeizli, a mountain inn high above the grape vines


Escape with the nostalgic Älplibahn to the marvelous mountain world and taste the wine produced with much love and attention in the Bündner Herrschaft.