Vollenweider cakes and chocolates

A tradition of sweetness since 1943. The sweet craftsmanship of the confiseur has been pursued in the Marktgasse for over 60 years. This long-standing history ranks the confiserie amongst the most tradition-imbued of all confectioners; it is also one of the first shops in Switzerland to offer high-percentage dark Grand-Cru chocolate. A large variety of macaroons. Extremely fresh and made only from the finest ingredients.

The Restaurant

Wine Hiking Trail in Graubünden’s Rhine Valley

Wine Hiking Trail in Graubünden’s Rhine Valley

Explore Graubünden’s Rhine Valley on a leisurely hiking or biking tour, or on a horse-drawn carriage ride. The Wine Hiking Trail leads you past many idyllic villages and scenic spots.

Art/Architecture: Des Trois Couronnes

This building dates back to 1609. "Vidomnes" (administrative representatives of the bishop of Sion) used to live here. A stone plaque above the ancient door is engraved with the coat of arms of the bishop François-Joseph Supersaxo. the building was restored in 1964 and is now a restaurant.