Schaffhausen Wine Museum

Schaffhausen Wine Museum

The history of viticulture in the canton of Schaffhausen dates back to the Roman era. Monks contributed significantly to the spread of wine cultivation and Schaffhausen became Switzerland’s most important supplier of wine.

Lavaux vineyards

Discover Lavaux, the unique wine region that stretches along the lake between Montreux and Lausanne. Taste locally produced wines in an authentic wine cellar and learns more about local wine growing culture and grape varieties.

Explore the terraced vineyards of Lavaux. Of the five Vaudois wine regions, the UNESCO "Lavaux" region (between Lausanne and Montreux) is undoubtedly the most spectacular.

Appenzell Whisky Trek

The Whisky Trek will undoubtedly set the pulse racing of any whisky collector or connoisseur. In fact, you can now upgrade a hike in beautiful surroundings or multiple tours in the Alpstein by adding that something extra for whisky lovers.

Vine and Wine Museum

The Musée Vaudois de la Vigne et du Vin (Vine and Wine Museum) is housed in the impressive Château d'Aigle. Almost 2,000 years of wine-producing history and cultural traditions is displayed and illustrated, in addition to information about jobs in the wine-producing industry.

The Château d'Aigle, surrounded by Chablais vineyards, houses the Vine, Wine and Etiquette museums: the ideal place to preserve and exhibit almost 2,000 years of history and heritage!