The Restaurant

Wine Hiking Trail in Graubünden’s Rhine Valley

Wine Hiking Trail in Graubünden’s Rhine Valley

Explore Graubünden’s Rhine Valley on a leisurely hiking or biking tour, or on a horse-drawn carriage ride. The Wine Hiking Trail leads you past many idyllic villages and scenic spots.

Art/Architecture: Des Trois Couronnes

This building dates back to 1609. "Vidomnes" (administrative representatives of the bishop of Sion) used to live here. A stone plaque above the ancient door is engraved with the coat of arms of the bishop François-Joseph Supersaxo. the building was restored in 1964 and is now a restaurant.

Le Guillaume Tell

In a small winegrowing village in the Lavaux, Denis Velen creates exquisite dishes that are as light and flavourful as they are memorable. 16 GaultMillau points.