Appenzell Whisky Trek

The Whisky Trek will undoubtedly set the pulse racing of any whisky collector or connoisseur. In fact, you can now upgrade a hike in beautiful surroundings or multiple tours in the Alpstein by adding that something extra for whisky lovers.

Everyone loves chocolate

Happiness that you can eat.

Switzerland is chocolate heaven. Swiss chocolatiers invented milk chocolate – and made it into the most popular sweet treat in the world. It’s no surprise that Switzerland tops the world in chocolate consumption.

Sweet dreams.

“Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth is lying.” (Graffiti scrawled on a wall ). Every Swiss child would agree: their favourite afternoon snack has always been bread and chocolate. During the more than 400 years since Columbus became the first European to see cocoa beans, Switzerland has come to the forefront of chocolate manufacturing worldwide.

Everyone loves chocolate

Cheese factory in the monastery of Engelberg

Unique cheese factory in Engelberg: The shape of the soft cheese made in the first Swiss cheese factory located in a monastery is hand crafted.

First Swiss cheese factory located in a monastery.

Show bakery Zollbrück

A visit to this Emmental bakery is fascinating as well as delicious. From a gallery you can watch the bakers making bread, pastries and chocolates before tasting their creations for yourself. The generous Sunday morning breakfast buffet is the perfect prelude to a hike either along the river Emme, or through the delightfully hilly countryside of the Emmental.

Show bakery Zollbrück