Culinary Trails - Hiking from Passage to Passage

The Culinary Trails in Flims Laax Falera are a perfect union of activities and culinary delicacies.

In cooperation with mountain inns and restaurants, Flims Laax Falera is offering two special culinary trails: "Forest and Water", and "Mountains and Vistas".

Living traditions in Gasthaus Rössli

The people of Appenzell love spontaneity: singing when you feel like it, or telling jokes.

Every last Saturday of the month, the locals gather in Gasthaus Rössli near Brülisau - you will find them singing the songs of Appenzell.

Le Miroir d'Argentine Restaurant

Market fresh cuisine is served in this famous restaurant.

The restaurant is 1,642 metres above sea level.

'La Dent de Vaulion' Chalet

Taste the specialty dish served in the Dent du Vaulion Chalet: cheese fondue!

Monsieur Alberto Tejo welcomes you into the chalet, situated 1,485 metres above sea level, and offers you the chance to try the specialty dish served there: cheese fondue. Enjoy the magnificent view of the mountain chains and lakes.