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Heidi - a story goes around the world.

The novel Heidi by Johanna Spyri is one of the world’s best-selling books and is one of the most successful children's stories ever. To date, the book has been translated into over 50 languages.

With her Heidi books, Johanna Spyri did not only create international bestsellers, but she also created a romantic and ideal-typical image of Switzerland that is still widely held today.

“Wiikend” Maienfeld


Every weekend from April to November wine growers of the Maienfeld Wine Association take turns in serving guests in their wine cellars and introducing them to their products and work.

Winery Schloss Salenegg

Winery Schloss Salenegg

Winery and Castle Salenegg are inextricably linked. Since 1968 prized wines are grown, harvested and processed naturally in one of Europe’s oldest wineries.

Wine tour in the Bündner Herrschaft and Heidiland

Everyone is looking for a special experience... This entertaining tour of three unique wine regions – Bündner Herrschaft, Heidiland and the Rhine Valley – is a great place to find it.