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Creux du Van: rocky amphitheatre

Spectacular bike ride from Boudry up to the rocky basin of the Creux du Van and via Gorgier back to Boudry

The rocky amphitheatre of the Creux du Van is undoubtedly one of the scenic highlights of the whole sweep of the Jura. 160 m high and about two kilometres long, the chain of rocks forms the shape of a horseshoe.

Boudry Castle - Ambassador for vineyards in Neuchatel

The magnificent Boudry castle houses a museum that is completely dedicated to wine and vineyards, in addition to a wine-tasting cellar where visitors can sample delicious wines from around Neuchatel.

Situated on the path through the vineyards, Boudry castle is, in a way, a type of ambassador for the wine industry in and around Neuchatel.