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Alpine garden and bear's lair above Bex

Les plans sur Bex - Avançon ravine - Les plans sur Bex, in the valley of Avançon, home to a varied flora and fauna.

Fir trees, up to 500 years old, flowers, butterflies, gentian and woodchucks (marmots): the valley of Avançon is home to a varied flora and fauna. It is highly likely that you will spot chamois and ibex .

Pont de Nant Natural Reserve

Visitors can admire "La Thomasia", where approximately 3000 mountain plants are geographically classed: there are species from the Himalayas and from high up the Andes, in addition to more local varieties from the Alps and the Jura.

The vast Pont de Nant Natural Reserve is situated in the heart of the Alps in the Vaud region. It is 1,260 m above sea level and backs onto the Grand Muveran mountain, while the Avancon des Plans river flows through it (the same river that runs through the town of Bex).

Grand Muveran

At Grand Muveran, visitors may chance upon wildlife. Chamois and ibex in particular love this secluded area, which delights all visitors who love scenic wilderness and mountains.

Salt Mines – History of White Gold

Salt belongs on the table, whether in its natural form or with added herbs. A visit to these mines, which stretch over 50 km through tunnels, shafts and gigantic caves, starts off on a train and then continues on foot. An experience not to be missed!

For centuries the ownership of salt mines meant wealth and power. The salt deposits at Bex, discovered in the 15th century, are still mined today. The salt mines are accessible to visitors, a museum depicts the mining of salt from 1684 to the present.