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An entire mountain for relaxation

The 2-seat chairlift is comfortably upholstered and lifts you to the peak of pleasure. Lounge and deck chairs beckon at fabulous vantage points beside the chillout run. And on the sun-terrace of the Sattelhütte, the Relax-Lounge makes for heart-warming moments - Hotpot included. At the Brüggerhorn this winter season is all about enjoying the piste instead of racing down at breakneck speed. Visitors will find plenty of opportunity to relax.

Hiking Trail of Legends

Arosa est une terre baignée de contes et de légendes, que ses habitants se racontent avec délectation, comme celle du château enchanté ou celle de l'esprit de l'horloge du Fondei.

Valley hike in the Schanfigg

A leisurely walk through the snowy Schanfigg Valley to an old Walser village and a famous railway viaduct.


Warm-up hike through the idyllic Arlenwald forest.

Warm-up hike through the idyllic Arlenwald forest.