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The Mendrisiotto Wine Route

The Mendrisiotto Wine Route

This route leads through Mendrisiotto, a traditional wine-growing region with an abundance of testimonies to history and art, sited amidst an impressive landscape.

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Grotto Bundi

"The most beautiful part of the world smiles at me here" - that's what Virgil sung and it's also the inscription in one of the cellar vaults hewn into rock behind the village of Mendrisio, where the old Grotto Bundi can be found. A culinary institution where wonderful wines, cheese and sausages – made to time-honoured recipes and stored traditionally – can be tried.

Polenta cooked in a ceramic stove is a specialty of Grotto Bundi.

The Wines of Southern Ticino

The theme of this trail is the relationship between viticulture and the earth. Climatic conditions provide the ideal balance of sun and rain to make Mendrisiotto, which is located between the southernmost point of Switzerland and Lake Lugano, an ideal wine region.