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Bike tour in Switzerland's southernmost corner

Leisurely mountain bike tour in Switzerland's southernmost corner

Close to the Italian border, in Switzerland's southernmost corner, you will find Mendrisiotto. Most people know this region only from passing through it. Industrial buildings line the thunderous Autobahn. Gently rolling hills, partly wooded, partly dotted with vineyards, extend a few kilometers westward.

Wine trails

In the gentle hills of the Mendrisiotto region and along the slopes of Monte San Giorgio and Monte Generoso stretch three circular walks, marked with information panels. Along them, visitors can explore the area and its more than 300 hectares of vineyards; learn about the local winegrowing and winemaking traditions and experience the local history and culture.

Monte San Giorgio: a sea of memories

Challenging mountain walk from Capolago up the Monte San Giorgio

Even though Monte San Giorgio was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003, neither the mountain nor anything around it has changed at all. Fossils up to 240 million years old – often in perfect condition – are concealed within this mountain. Some of the impressive findings can be admired in the Fossil Museum in Meride.