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Monte Carasso, San Bernardo

This hiking tour offers you the possibility to get the know the region around Bellinzona. In fall, one can collect sweet chestnuts and taste them at home.

Our route leads to the church of San Bernardo. It is home to valuable frescoes, and insider's tip and still off the beaten track. Ascend on foot or by cable-car.

Rinascimento in the Vineyard

Rinascimento in the Vineyard

Not many visitors know the route via the cantonal road north of Lago Maggiore, which leads through Gudo and Monte Carasso to the north. It wends its way through vineyards in which new types of grape vines are planted.

Bar Settecentesimo

Favorite meeting point during the Aperitif hour at the foot of Castelgrande with a terrace and fountain, designed by Aurelio Galfetti. Classical bar with Italian Flair.

Grottino Ticinese

Is there anything more comforting than an appetizing platter of freshly cut salami, prosciutto or lardo, soft cheese from the Valle di Muggio, or hard cheese from the upper Ticinese Alps? The large stone tables under centuries-old linden trees are inviting and conducive to animated conversations. Grottino Ticinese is a garden pub, which was established on the occasion of the National Marksmen's Festival of 1929. Swissness!