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With a length of 375 kilometers, the Rhine is the longest river in Switzerland. Although the Rhine flows far to the east of the country, thanks to mighty tributaries it drains 80 per cent of Switzerland’s surface. Now it’s time to leave the water for a short while, because at Neuhausen the mightily grown river plunges at the Rhine Falls into the depth. In the summer about 700 cubic meters of water gush downwards per second, the record quantity, however, is twice as high. The fearless climb under the Rhine Falls into one of the boats that travel very close to the roaring waters.

Lake Bannalp

Idyllic Lake Bannalp lies above the Engelberger valley. The eponymous alp can be comfortably reached by cable car. It is irresistible to summiteers as well as people searching for relaxation.

Durnand Gorge Adventure

The Durnand Gorge has been made accessible thanks to a network of tunnels, staircases and galleries that is 1 km long.

The contrast between the Durnand Gorge and the southern town of Martigny could not be greater.