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Solar Ski Lift

Graubünden’s Safien Valley boasts the world’s first solar-powered ski lift. The 450-meter long facility transports snow sports enthusiasts and simultaneously produces solar power.

Where the wind blows for all its worth

One of the most important renenwable energy centres in Europe can be found in the Bernese Jura: the wind power station on Mount Crosin and the solar power station on Mount Soleil.

The photovoltaic solar power station operates on Mount Soleil. Wind turbines stand on Mount Crosin. This route links the Mt-Soleil solar power plant with the Mt-Crosin wind turbine plant.


Board one of the four ferries that link Kleinbasel with Grossbasel and provide safe and comfortable transport across the river.

What would Basel be without the Rhine? Four passenger ferries cross the river from one bank to the other, assisted by nothing but a steel cable and the power of the natural current. The ferrymen tell stories on the way across – a tradition that continues to this day.