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Demanding loop from Grübetal up to the alpine foothills of the Gantrisch area.

In the southern hinterland of Berne, on the border between central Switzerland and the pre-Alps, Schwarzenburgerland waits to be discovered on your mountainbike. The deep cut valleys and high, extended plateaus of this scarsely populated area make a profound impact.

Riggli the dwarf explains where energy comes from

There is a new interactive educational trail on the Riggisalp, where children and adults can learn about the world of renewable energy. The themed trail is around two kilometres long and includes nine totem poles that provide information and stimulate the senses.

Primeval Landscape at Brecca

Experience the simple life of a herdsman in unparalleled countryside. A mountain hut provides accommodation and there are a few culinary surprises for you to enjoy!

The Brecca Gorge is one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys. Ten thousand years ago glaciers created a fascinating landscape with its own unique appeal.

Medieval ruin: Grasburg

Formerly the scene of imperial parties – now one of the finest medieval ruined castles in Switzerland: well away from the traffic, on a rocky crag that falls steeply away on three sides, are the partially restored walls of Grasburg castle. There are 140 steps to climb up to the castle. The well-preserved ruin can be explored in safety and is a popular destination for families, schools and hiking groups.