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Aquandeer – Mineral bath

Experience the force of the water in mineral baths and in the nearby Vialmala gorge.

The resort of Andeer is famous for its salubrious springs and mineral spa. Here one relaxes in the wonderful mountain world that surrounds the Schons Valley.

Roffla Gorge (waterfall)

Inspired by the Niagara Falls, the American émigré Christan Pitschen-Melchior began to cut a path through the gorge in 1907. Seven years and 8000 explosions later, his work was done. Nowadays, a narrow path leads from the historic inn along the rocky gallery to the waterfall at the heart of the gorge. You can find out about the story of this man's lifetime's work in the local museum.

Andeer–Clugin Forest Trail

On this 4.7 km long footpath, people who are interested in nature can find out about all the diversity of woodland. You can learn the names of 11 types of conifer and 26 deciduous trees, and 20 shrubs, and see a number of nesting boxes for birds along the way. The start of the footpath is signposted by the covered wooden bridge in Andeer, while in Clugin you can join it just outside the village (near Hapimag).

Green Andeer granite

When Abraham Conrad began extracting and processing green Andeer granite in 1906, he probably had no idea about how many things it could be used for. Today, it is used for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, floors, facades and many other purposes. On request, groups can be shown round the granite works.