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Old Avers road

There's something here for lovers of culture and nature: since 2005, the road that was built in 1895 to open up the Avers valley has been gradually reinstated as a pleasant walking route. The "Old Avers Road Association" spotted the potential of the route, which has wonderful arched bridges and is lined with impressive natural stone walls, and each year they are making more and more sections of it accessible to walkers.

Cufercalhütte SAC

Located at 2,385 meters on a pasture terrace, at the southern foot of Piz Calandari, the mountain hut offers 30 dormitory beds with duvets.

Sledding in the Safien Valley

In the quiet Safien Valley, nature and hiking enthusiasts still pull their own sled. After a one-hour ascent to Imschlacht, Maiensäss (“Summer alp”) settlement, you are rewarded by an enjoyable descent.

Field Names Trail

Guests and locals too have the opportunity here to find out how the meadows, farms and pastureland around this Walser settlement came by their names. All along a circular walk, pupils at the primary school in Tschappina have put 22 noticeboards giving the names of the fields. It takes about 3.5 hours to walk from Untertschappina via Masügg, Ob Masügg and Glaspass back to Obertschappina (in summer the post bus runs from Glaspass).